Season 2 Episode 16- Celebrating Differences

This week Seth is joined by parent Lauren Leonardis and teacher and children’s book author Lori Starling about how to talk to kids about our own differences, the differences of others, and any differences they may have.

Show Notes:

21:22- Last Stop on Market Street, by Matt de la Peña

23:10- Barbie Fashionista dolls

31:50- Spare Change News

32:30- Kickstarter

33:00 (code RadChild2021)



35:20- shiftbookbox coupon code radchild


37:35 What Color Is My Hijab, by Hudda Ibrahim

38:50- Sesame Street

39:35- Julie’s Green Room

44:15- Look What Brown Can Do, by T. Marie Harris



51:20- All Are Welcome ,by Alexandria Penfold

51:23- The Skin That You Live In by Michael Tyler

51:25- Pink is for Boys, by Rob Perlman

51:29- Families Families Families, by Suzanne & Max Lang

51:35- Red A Crayon Story, by Michael Hall

51:39- Auntie Uncle Drag Queen Hero, by Ellie Royce

51:50- What Is Empathy, by Amanda Morin

52:58- A Shelter In Our Car, by Monica Gunning

53:30- Hooray What a Day, by Molly Allis

54:09- The Colors of Us, by Karen Katz

54:55 I Am A Bear, by Jean-Francois Dumont

56:10- Toby Wears a Tutu, by Lori Starling


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