This week Seth is joined by authors Rose Robins and Jen Malia for a discussion about how to talk to kids about autism. We cover things like the most accepted language to use, how to make accommodations for autistic kiddos, hot to talk to non-autistic kiddos about autism, and so much more!


Show Notes:

3:42- What Makes a Baby, by Corey Silverberg

37:20- Giveaway on Facebook & Instagram @Radchildpodcast (Ended!)


37:55- & Natural Toonie

40:30- code RADCHILD for 10% off

45:30- Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor

57:00- Jen’s article in the NYT about getting diagnosed the same day as her daughter

1:20:55- Samantha Cotterill Little Senses series

1:21:13- Benji, the Bad Day, and Me, by Sally Pla

1:23:00- Look Me In The Eye, by John Elder Robison

1:25:00 -Jessica Kingsley Publsihers

1:25:35- Freaks, Geeks & Aspergers Syndrome, by Luke Jackson

1:26:10- Aspergirls, by Rudy Simone

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Too Sticky: Sensory Issues with Autism, by Jen Malia


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Me & My Sister by Rose Robbins

Talking Is Not My Thing, by Rose Robbins


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