How do we talk to kids about things like conception, surrogacy, IVF, adoption, blended families, and more? Host Seth Day leads a discussion about how to talk to kids about all the different ways there are to add kids to a family. With guests Teffer Adjemian, Amy Saucier, and Robbie Samuels. 4:11- (Robbie’s Podcast) 12:42- What Makes a Baby, by Cory Silverburg 12:48- Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity, by Brooke Pessin-Whedbee

15:54- How to Be a Girl (Podcast) 29:10- (Robbie’s Article) 39:27- 41:14- 56:46- Princess Puffybottom & Daryl, by Susin Nielsen 57:30- 4th Trimester Bodies Project (Instagram) 1:04- Prince & Knight, by Daniel Haack 1:05- Gilbert the Ghost, by Guido Van Genechten 1:08- The Family Book, by Todd Parr 10:10- Tell Me About Sex Grandma, by Anastasia Higgenbotham 1:20:54- She-Ra (Cartoon) To learn more about this episode’s guests and what they do, follow them here! Teffer Adjemian: @yapodcast Robbie

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