Month: September 2020

The Best Toys, Games, and Art Supplies for Diversifying Your Kids Play

Having a variety diverse toys representing different races, cultures, gender expressions, and abilities is so important! For children who are a part of majority groups (like white, cisgender, or able-bodied) often times grownups lean towards giving these kids toys and books featuring children that look like them. While this is often well intended, is also…

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9 Books To Introduce Gender and Pronouns to Kids

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Balancing Cultures Podcast talking about the basics of transgender terminology, my personal experience as a transgender person, and how to talk to kids about these issues. It was a really awesome episode, and as soon as it is released, I will link it here…

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What To Do With Problematic Children’s Books

Recently I stumbled across a post on a Facebook group asking an interesting question. A parent had been given some books they felt were problematic and didn’t know what to do with them. They didn’t want to give them away and put them in someone else’s hands, but also felt bad throwing them out. I…

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