About the Show

Rad Child is a new podcast that answers the age old question “how do I talk to my child about that!?”.

Each episode will focus on a topic often considered “taboo” or “too complicated” for children. The podcast will tackle things like race, gender, sexuality, mental health, disability and much, much more! Your host Seth Day will meet with a different panel of guests each episode and they will discus the topics from their own experience with children as parents, educators, nannies, doulas, etc. Guests will talk on topics they have experienced personally. Every single person has a different lived experience.The goal of this podcast is to create a space where those experiences can coexist so we can take them and use them to help raise a generation of compassionate, open, rad children.

Rad Child Podcast is made in conjunction with The Upford Network and Shift Book Box.


Meet the Team


Show Host

Seth Day is a transgender man who has been working in childcare for over 10 years. He is comfortable with both he and they pronouns. He originally hails from New York, but currently resides in Montreal where he lives with his wife and rabbits. He has a BA in art education and works as a nanny and art educator. He has also worked as a museum and classroom educator. He is very involved with the local queer community ad hosts many community events. In his spare time, he enjoys playing ukulele, baking, and painting portraits.


Co-Host- Way To Go & Room to Grow

Rebecca Hachmyer is a credentialed teacher who has worked with students in settings ranging from preschool through university. She is currently completing a doctorate in Education with an emphasis on human development and families from the University of California Berkeley. She earned a masters in Children’s Literature from the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College and currently reviews children’s books for the Horn Book and Horn Book Guide. She is Co-Chair of the Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County and serves on the committee for Words Take Wing: Honoring Diversity in Children’s Literature, housed in the University of California Davis’s School of Education. She is a parent and community organizer focused on forwarding intersectional feminism, identifying and dismantling white privilege, and doing the work of a co-conspirator to educate white people about their participation in systems of oppression.



Audio Editor

Tom Zalatnai (they/them) is a podcast producer & host based out of Montreal, with a passion for bringing communities together and eating delicious grilled meats.



(Web Design and Audio Editor)

Catherine Gilbert (she/her) is a podcast host and writer living in Montreal. She is the reason Seth has so many nieces and nephews to provide anecdotes for the show. She re-designed the website, do the monthly drawing sheets for patrons and edit Way to Go Room to Grow



Illustrator (Logo)

Dee Campbell is a Mississippi based artist majoring in psychology at Alcorn State University full time. Dee plans to use this degree to further her education and focus on art therapy and child psychology. While Dee focuses on psychology, digital art and character illustration are her passions. She also enjoys playing table top rpgs, reading and pampering her cats.



Illustrator (website)

Living in Montreal, Samia (she/they) is a freelance illustrator and multidisciplinary artist. They usually are working on many projects at the same time, when not reading comics, finding the nearest bubble tea place and playing with their pet rats.

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